Cryo Accelerant:

Only after my heart stops beating will the accelerant take over... or so I am told. Dr. Abrams tells me that flies have been successfully thawed after cryostasis in the lab, but that this has never been tested on a human. The accelerant is easy to make, on the other hand the thawing agents is extremely complex and requires large amount of time to synthesize. After the Accelerant is activated all cells in my body are forced into suspended animation for a duration of 36 hours. When the thawing agent is injected all cells are jumpstarted and reject the Cryo Accelerant back into the bloodstream where it awaits future activation. That is if I get the thawing agent in time, after 36 hours the Cryo Accelerant will digress and turn into a hyper acidic compound, melting me from the inside out. I am not excited to be the human subject for this test. On our first rescue mission around Pripyat I found Boris. Initially I thought Boris was infected, but it turns out that is not the case. He does not speak very much and what he does say is often unintelligible. Early on we noticed that he has very little fear in the face of danger. This became very apparent when he sprinted out to a dead body looking for valuables disregarding the entire horde of Hypes chasing him. Boris got me thinking; if I am out in the field and my Cryo Accelerant is activated I will be temporarily preserved, but I am still stuck out in the middle of no where. That is where Boris comes in, taking everything on my person as payment, he has agreed to come retrieve me if I end up in cryostasis. If we can pull this off it would mean that I will be able to cheat death... that is if we all don’t freeze to death first.

The Mainframe:

We have invested a large amount of time and energy in building fully functioning electronic mainframe network. Fitted with a high powered 360 antenna and residing in the Safe Zone, it runs on several extremely efficient solar panels. These solar panels were skelped from a farm house not too far from here, they will even charge on starlight at night. I fitted my smart phone with a hand crank charger, and managed to sync it with the Mainframe’s software. Now no matter where I am I have access to everything in the Safe Zone and more importantly my stash of Dekae, which is the local currency.

Delivery system:

In using my smartphone to access the Safe Zone Mainframe i can initiate the Delivery System. Nicknamed ‘Drones’ due to the large quadcopters used to deliver hardware, I can use them to access any item stocked in the storage facility. I am still tweaking the system but the Drones will drop a package within 100 feet of me, on a good day. Zombies don’t seem to pay any attention to the Drones, and I hope it stays that way. The delivery system requires a large amount of upkeep, and often I am tasked to find parts and electrical components to keep the Drones running. If the Drones go down no one leaves the Safe Zone for fear of a permanent death. No Drones means no assistance in the field.


If anyone wants supplies beyond their allotted rations they have to pay for it in Dekae. Being the local currency I found some Dekae in the pocket of a dead zombie just outside the Safe Zone during a perimeter check one morning. The locals say Dekae is pretty rare in these parts thus making it a valuable currency. I have set up a system likened to electronic banking from back in the states, and with my smartphone I am able to make purchases while out in the field. Any currency I find in the field can be Droned back to the Safe Zone for immediate use in the monetary system. Secretly I am trying to tie the system into my actual bank account from back home, but if anyone hears of this it will certainly be my death sentence.

Lock Boxes:

Every person in the Safe Zone gets a Lock Box. Although crime has almost been eradicated in the Safe Zone, trust is a rarity amongst survivors. Most Lock Boxes are simply used as a food locker. A biometric scanner keeps the Lock Boxes secure from thieves. There was a rumor of a thumb collector killing survivor’s to gain access to their still secured lockers. Apparently he was caught and fed to the Hypes lining the perimeter of the Safe Zone.

Assurance Tags:

We found a very gritty man named Boris, and he has agreed to come retrieve me if I end up in cryostasis. What Boris wants is all the valuables he finds on me when he is called out to the field. I agreed under one condition; that I could tag some of my really valuable items and he would return them to me back at the Safe Zone. Now it’s just figuring out how many tags I can get from him.

Safe Zone:

A magnet for zombies, with all the lights and noises, the Safe Zone is our only central hub for trade and shelter. The Safe Zone houses the major facilities along with the new research labs and Drone docking stations. Wired up with large backup batteries and solar panels, the Safe Zone stays powered around the clock keeping the all important Drones and 3d Fabrication Machines running. I have patrolled the perimeter of this area before and there are still fortifications that need to be done, but it keeps the zombies out... for now.

Anti Radiation Meds:

As much as I like to study the effects of radiation on living organisms, I hate the Meds. Given as injections the Meds can block and even reverse the effects of radiation poisoning for up to 24 hours. Everything is radioactive here and with a limited number of Meds only the few that venture outside the Safe Zone receive them. I have studied the effects of radiation poisoning on humans. You begin to bleeding from holes in your face, the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. Followed by vomiting, fever and much more... but then it stops. For a small period of time you are given a glimmer of hope, that you could live through this extremely painful death. The pain vanishes and it is as if you were never afflicted, but that does not last long. Your body begins to violently expel all internal organs through your mouth and rectum. Covered in blood and slowly dying you will literally be turned inside out. I would much rather be eaten at the hands of the dead than face the great unseen enemy... radiation.

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