Game Zones

We have to split the Chernobyl region into 4 zones; it would simply take too much time to have the Drones map the entire region at once. The higher the zone number the closer it is to the reactor. It is key to map the zones extensively first; this is done using a Delivery Drone before anyone steps foot in that zone. The Delivery Drones require map programming before they can assist me, or anyone else, in the field. No drone assistance means I might not get the thawing agent in time, no thaw means death will be a very real threat. Therefore we are considering all zones closed until the system indicates mapping has been completed.

Zone 1:

Zone Opening: To Be Announced

Exsis destroyed my only laboratory killing 6 other researchers. Dr. Abrams and his assistant were the only ones left alive from their lab after the asteroid fragments impacted. We had no choice but to venture back into the town Pripyat in search of non-contaminated food and water. I found comfort in assisting to build the Safe Zone, but the infection is venturing closer. The fencing holds back the Hype attacks… for now. With the sun no long in our skies we do not know the actual number of Hypes on the perimeter. However we are seeing new mutated and evolving zombies showing up more frequently now. The scariest part is we are running out of supplies in the Safe Zone, and the screams of the stranded town folk are beginning to wear on us. There is nothing to do now but wait for the drones to finish mapping Zone 1.

Zone 2:

Zone Opening: To Be Announced

I have never ventured as far as Zone 2, even before Exsis. Last I heard the Russian military had a perimeter set up with check stops and a resupply line. Rumor is that there are assault weapons and ammo crates littering the perimeter. My only worry is that Zone 2 will be loaded with military soldiers turned zombie.

Zone 3:

Zone Opening: To Be Announced

There are radiation sand pits lining the roads and hills running through Zone 3. The Drone Delivery Team sent a Drone to map the area almost a week ago. They have not received a single transmission from it since. My guess would be the radiation got it or there are zombified birds that took it out. Either way I am not too excited to find out.

Zone 4:

Zone Opening: To Be Announced

The sarcophagus that resides at the far edge of Zone 4 can be seen from just about anywhere in the region. If I listen carefully I can hear the whales of creatures residing around the most radioactive place on earth. We can see a never ending cloud of radioactive waste spilling into the air around the sarcophagus. It is a reassuring sight; it means that there is still plutonium in the reactor. There is still hope... the only hope any of us have.

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