Environmental Threats


Zombies lurk around every corner, but at least I can see the zombies. What I can’t see is the fallout. It is in the air, in the snow and in the zombies. Virtually invisible, the radiation fallout can only be detected using a Geiger counter, a counter that is proving hard to find. The radiation sickness has a 100% mortality rate without the Med’s... let’s just say being zombie meat is preferable. The Chernobyl Sarcophagus spills radiation fallout into the air 24/7. The concrete casing cracked over 3 years ago and now is our only hope for survival. If I can get to the Chernobyl Reactor and extract a small portion of the plutonium we can then build a dirty reactor, a reactor that will keep us alive on this now frozen planet.


The locals think that Exsis caused all this, whatever this is. The infection came from the sky only after the Exsis asteroid passed earth. I have seen firsthand that after going mad an infected human attacks anything in sight. Nicknamed Hypes, they are unpredictable, overly active and devolve to animalistic behavior rapidly. But I have observed that there is a second side to the Hypes, after death they are reanimated as zombies... Risen zombies. After killing countless zombies I can tell you the infection evolves and only specific zombies spread it. I can only keep the infection away for so long... even the dead live again.


In the beginning food was easy to scavenge, how I long for those days again. Frozen meat is the easiest to find, but most meat has been found by infection or radiation first. I have been working on a self-sustaining food supply, but parts are hard to find as the temperature drops even further. I get tired faster now; the day dreams become more frequent and are always of food from back home. Even swinging my axe is exhausting, but the zombies never stop coming.


How do you measure the temperature when the mercury can’t drop any further? After Exsis dragged us away from the sun the degrees began to drop below the thermometer. Primitive means such as a fire is the only way to keep warm in the field. But you can’t place comfort in a fire as it attracts all of ‘them’. The few renewable resources we have are setup in the Safe Zone. The only hope is the plutonium resting in the remains of the Chernobyl Reactor. We have a schematic for a dirty reactor, one that may just save the human race. Absolute zero is not far off; unbreathable solidified air will end all human life on this planet. Nothing is more important than the plutonium, absolutely nothing.

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